Maximise your Grro Recommendations ⚡️

Once you've registered your podcast feed for analysis, you'll receive a graph of cross-promo recommendations. Among the podcasts on the graph, those with the greatest potential to help your audience grow are identified by large black dots. If you're pondering how to leverage these recommendations, here are some valuable tips to kickstart your cross-promotional campaign:

🔍 Cross Promote with Data
When you reach out to someone demonstrate your shared audience to increase your chance of a collaboration. Simply send them a screen shot of the graph.

📁 Export Recommendations
Simplify your campaign outreach by exporting CSV files for each audience graph. You’ll find a download icon to the left of each interest.

🎙️ Capitalise on Off Air Podcasts
Don't overlook recommendations from podcasts that haven't aired new episodes recently. By partnering with them, you can provide fresh content to their audience, keeping them engaged while introducing your podcast to a new set of listeners. Propose collaborations, such as off-season airtime episode drops or a guest spot.

🤝 Connect with Podcasting Heavyweights
If your podcast shares a common audience with industry heavyweights, seize the opportunity! Reach out to them with confidence, showcasing the compelling data from our graphs that demonstrates your shared audience. Seasoned podcasters love to support like-minded podcasts, as they were once in your shoes.

Remember, when connecting with others: be clear, be respectful, and avoid spammy behaviour.

Find your free cross promo recommendations now:

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Jamie Larson