Podcasts Marketing Platform Beta Launch

Marketing podcasts is hard!

At Grro we understand this deeply. You want a simple one click solution that takes care of your marketing.

Grro is making this possible, with our new podcasts marketing platform. We've rolled out re-imagined features to our closed Beta users and you can now join our waitlist to jump the queue. We'll be onboarding more and more of you from our waitlist incrementally over the coming months.

In our closed Beta you can expect high quality matches for your podcast with unique audience insights for you to review and shortlist. Then you can simply place ads on your shortlisted matches all on Grro's newly designed dashboard.

We look forward to helping you market your podcast. Sign-up to closed Beta here: https://grro.xyz/ Any questions or feedback, please reach out to our co-founder, Aisha directly - a@grro.xyz

Grro's newly designed dashboard

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Jamie Larson