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Sharing valuable insights and data can be the key to building meaningful connections for your podcast growth objectives. At Grro, we make it easy for you to do this by enabling you to share your cross promos graph with others.

Simply, click on the share button on the top right hand side of your recommendations page, like this...

A dialogue box will pop-up where you can then switch access permissions to 'view access for anyone with link'. This will enable the 'copy link' button for you to copy and send to your potential partners.

When you want to make your recommendations private again, just go back to the share button and switch to 'restricted'.

Here’s how you can leverage your graph after sharing;

🤝 Power Up Your Outreach With Data
Share your graph with potential cross promo partners, highlighting the synergies between your audiences. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate the shared potential of reaching more listeners.

💻 Enhance Team Collaborations
Sharing with your team members can streamline research and outreach efforts. It provides a clear, data-driven basis for planning and executing your cross-promo campaigns.

Showcase Your Podcasting Influence
As a podcaster, showcasing your influence and the audiences you have access to is a valuable asset. Sharing can serve multiple purposes. For example, you can incorporate it into your pitch deck when approaching potential sponsors. By demonstrating your influence in a sponsor’s target landscape you create a compelling case for collaboration.

Remember, when connecting with others: be clear, be respectful, and avoid spammy behaviour.

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Jamie Larson